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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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While digging through Apple’s latest batch of Tech Info Updates, we came across some very interesting tidbits.

Apple refers to the new G3 laptop as PowerBook (FireWire) so that’s what we’ll call it here.

Wake on Ring support is back! Now you’ve got a sleeping fax machine.

Wake on Ring allows the computer to wake up when an incoming call is detected on the modem port. To enable this feature, check the “Wake when the modem detects a ring” box in the Advanced Settings section of the Energy Saver control panel.

Target Disk Mode allows you to use the PowerBook (FireWire) as an external hard drive.

Earlier PowerBook computers with SCSI ports had the ability to be connected to another Macintosh computer with a special SCSI cable and function as an external hard drive. The PowerBook (FireWire) has similar functionality, though without a SCSI port this functionality is now routed through the FireWire port.

To use the computer in FireWire Target Disk Mode requires another Macintosh computer with FireWire.

The dreaded power adapter issue is addressed.

Power adapter similar to iBook – The PowerBook (FireWire) uses a power adapter similar to that used with the iBook.

A call to the Apple Store confirmed that by “similar” they mean “exactly the same.” It will have that clunky yo-yo adapter. We understand that streamlining the product line means less fat and more profit, but we’d really like to see the pro PowerBook accessories get smaller. The Madsonline solution is nearly perfect.


DVD modules are not backward compatible with Lombard, even though they fit. Batteries are completely interchangeable between the Lombard and Firewire models.

Media bay devices should work, however, issues may arise as new modules are developed.

Media bay modules for the PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) will function properly in a PowerBook (FireWire). It is possible that some third party media bay devices made for the PowerBook (FireWire) will not be compatible with older PowerBook models. You should consult with the 3rd party vendor before purchasing if this is of concern.

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