Tekserve closes fabled New York store, will auction off its Macintosh collection in September

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Date: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016, 05:38
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An amazing collection of Apple and Mac history is going on the auction block next month.

Tekserve, once the go-to third-party repair shop for Apple products in New York City, announced last month that it would be closing shop on August 15 after being in business since 1987. Now that Tekserve has officially closed shop, Apple fans will have the opportunity to purchase some museum-worthy vintage Apple and NeXT gear through auction.

An assortment of the auction items are valued at relatively low prices and there’s even a Tekserve store sign up for grabs.

Some of the more interesting items up for auction include a melted Macintosh that the repair shop kept, several Think Different Apple posters from the iconic ad campaign, an iPod mini (not iPad) store display, a Nextstation Turbo machine, and multiple Macintosh computers that haven’t been melted.

Tekserve’s fabled Macintosh Collection is thought to be valued between $12,000 and $14,000 with bids starting around $8,0000.

The collection includes the following pieces: A first-generation Macintosh computer signed by Steve Wozniak, a NeXTCube, an Outbound Portable, 20th Anniversary Macintosh, Original iMac, 1994 iBook, G4 Cube, PowerMac G4, Powerbook G4 Aluminum, iBook, 12″ Powerbook, eMac, iMac G5 and a Powerbook G3.

Other vintage pieces of technology included in the collection including cameras, radios, and typewriters.

Roland Auctions NY will host the Tekserve Collection auction on August 23 at 11 am after a preview of the collection is shared on August 20 and August 22.

So, a great store comes to an end, but now you can own a small piece of it.

Via 9to5Mac

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