The 10.1.2 Update Delivers Improvements

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Date: Thursday, December 20th, 2001, 20:23
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Fire up software update, Mac OS 10.1.2 is available for download. The 30.3 MB update adds support for PC card storage devices, including media readers. Great news for PowerBook owners.

The 10.1.2 update delivers improvements and new functionality, as well as expanded peripheral support for Mac OS X. Enhancements include:

  • Updated and new USB and FireWire device support, including FireWire-based digital cameras
  • PC Card storage devices, including media readers
  • IrDA modem support for FireWire-based PowerBook models
  • Audio, Display, and Speech improvements
  • Networking and Printing improvements
  • AirPort v2.0
  • Apache web server v1.3.22
  • AppleScript v1.8

Reader nicholas writes “the update has arrived and i am installing it at this very moment through the software update control panel. the restart did not go smoothly the first time, though it is proceeding better now. having akira in the machine, the dvd player started up much quicker, and the menus are really snappy! very nice. check it out.”

What have your results been? Post your experiences with the 10.1.2 update in our Mac OS X message board.

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