The Anti-Beige Revolution Begins

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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It seems that Beige is indeed dead at Infinite Loop. Once you let Jonathon Ives loose, you can’t really go back. Apple is now reportedly clearing their “beige” inventory (Power Macintosh systems) this month in anticipation for the introduction of new a Power Macintosh G3 line at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

According to Mac OS Rumors, the new Power Macintosh G3 line will sport curvey translucent “Ice and Dark Blue” plastics [reportedly not an inch of “beige” space] and new absolutely kick ass hardware with G3 processors that will run from 300 MHz to 400 Mhz on top of a 100 MHz system bus. The new line of systems will also sport USB, ADB, Firewire, SCSI, and IrDA ports as standards on all systems along with the ATI Rage 128 graphics chipset. Like the iMac, the floppy disk drive has been “Steved.” Other than that, this system is looking like something to empty your bank account over. One report from the San Francisco Gate said that they will sell from US$1,600 to US$3,000. Another report from TechWeb suggests that Apple will ship one model that runs a version of Linux instead of the Mac OS. will bring you the latest as more details emerge.

But, be on the look-out for great deals on Power Macintosh systems as resellers are looking to blow them out.

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