The E-Power Threat

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
Category: Archive’s Dr Will, with a PhD in something, wrote an editorial entitled “The E-Power Threat.” Here’s a snippet:

When Apple shipped the iMac last summer, everybody was skeptical whether or not it would sell and whether or not it would be taken seriously by consumers. Low and behold one year later, the iMac has been deemed a financial success and a triumph of PC design even by Apple’s most tenacious naysayers. The release of Apple’s iMac began the revolution of sleek and consumer-friendly PC designs. We all knew that the rest of the PC industry would follow Apple’s lead into the road less traveled, as usual.

Enter Future Power, a relatively new upstart in the PC industry. which is backed by Korean manufacturer, Daewoo. Enter their new little toy that they’ve brought with them to PC Expo ’99: the E-Power. Doesn’t it look somewhat familar to say… an Apple iMac?

Check it out for a new perspective on the whole E-Power scandal.

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