The Full Story of the Amazing Apple Brand

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Date: Monday, August 12th, 2002, 05:03
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We all know Apple’s characteristic Apple logo, most of us remember the logo, as the joyous rainbow colored Apple, sitting on every grey Macintosh. But when it comes to how Steve Jobs & co. at the founding of Apple back in the seventies actually came up with the idea, that the company should be characterized by an Apple, and why the Apple logo looks like it does, most of us have to give up.

The story of the trademark – the Apple logo – is a story of its own. A lot of myths and tales are hanging to the genesis of the logo, but it is not until now that all the pieces have been put together. The Danish Mac-oriented News site today presents the full story on the genesis of the logo, its appearance, meaning and interpretations.

Many aspects of the history of Apple is well described in several sources such as books and sites around the web. The interest in the company and its products make people around the world study the history and details of the company as it was a science of its own.

The series of articles have been translated into english to reach a broad mass of readers. For science, all sources of information is given. The account is accompanied by pictures in a quality, giving justice to the history of the genesis of the logo.

Read the whole article at the Danish Mac News Portal

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