The Green Light of Death

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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There seems to be a curious phenomenon going on in the Apple iMac Tech Exchange Forum regarding a “Green Light of Death” (we didn’t make up the name). It appears for an unlucky band of iMac users, Revision A and B so far, that the iMac freezes during sleep. Here’s how the Green Light of Death works:

  • iMac goes to sleep.
  • The glowing power button does not change color to orange, but stays green.
  • iMac does not wake up from sleep. Must unplug and replug the power cord.

So far the only fixes appear to be disabling “sleep mode” in the Energy Saver control panel or sending it back to Apple for a new analog board and power supply. The official iMacs of (Revision A and C) are currently not experiencing this problem. If you are currently experiencing the Green Light of Death, send us a feedback email.

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