The iPod Flaw

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Date: Wednesday, October 24th, 2001, 02:46
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Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in one user’s take on the iPod. [Editor’s note: correction — the iPod does come with an included AC adapter according to Apple; the $50 adapter is an “extra” adapter. But Kevin has some interesting ideas on his site for an alternative design approach.]

The iPod lets you store 1,000 songs. That’s 4,000 minutes, 66 hours, or 2.7 solid days of uninterrupted, unrepeated music. The battery lasts for 10 hours. As sold, the iPod can only be recharged by connecting the firewire cable to your computer, and incidentally, your music collection. An AC adapter, presumably for travel yet unusable on an airplane, costs $50 and takes up approximately as much space as the iPod itself. (Can you say ‘road trip’? The iPod can’t, but that’s beside the point.)

Read more at Kevin’s Web site.

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