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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Stuck in traffic? Not sure if you need an umbrella today? Wondering who won last nights game? Need instant messaging? Or are you just bored and want to listen to your favorite radio station? Well Cue Corporation can answer your every need. The Cue Radio.

cue radio

The Cue Radio is a must-have springboard module for your Handspring Visor, pricing varies depending upon the services you choose. Available options:

Listen to high quality FM broadcasts on your favorite radio station.?The CUE Radio fits easily into the Springboard expansion slot on your Handspring Visor. And you can select from a preprogrammed list of stations.?There is even an option for multiple cities in your play list.

Receive traffic alerts over our FM subcarrier network of 600 radio stations across North America.? When the light on the CUE Radio flashes, push the radio button twice and the traffic alert will appear on the Visor screen.?You can also program the traffic alerts to be route specific.?Select the appropriate traffic route on the map for your city located at the instructions to place these in the Visor and you will then receive traffic alerts only for your specific route.

Your CUE Radio also acts as a pager. You can receive text messages on either a nationwide or local basis. Nationwide service covers over 98% of the population of the country.? Local service is offered to over 500 cities across North America.

Receive wireless notifications of important e-mails on the CUE Radio.?Your Visor screen will display the subject, sender, and first 40 characters of the e-mail.?You can filter messages so only important e-mails are transmitted.

The CUE Radio also receives local weather forecasts in 500 markets on an hourly basis. Keep in touch with the latest weather conditions.

You will also receive headline news reports every hour on your CUE Radio.

The Cue Radio is not yet available in every market, check the Web site for availability in your area. If they packed any more features into this thing, they’d have to call it the Cue Kitchen Sink.

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