The New iMac: First Impressions of the Special Edition

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Peter, a reader, writes in with his first impressions of his new iMac DV Special Edition computer and its slick FireWire digital video capabilities. Prepare to get jealous:

I don’t know if I was more excited to get my firstiMac (August 15.1998 midnight) or the new 400mhz Graphite DV iMac. Theprior was a mile stone for personal computing and the latter will atleast be shockwave and probably a revolution to us. With the inclusionof the iMovie software, FireWire ports and FireWire cable, there is noreason not to have great movies produced at home. I heard that over 8million digital video cameras have been sold. That is alot of potentialcustomers!

The new iMovie software is incredible! I’ve included a quicktimemovie made from tutorial sample clips. I made it in about 5 minutes andI had a blast. It was so EASY to do. I did not read theinstructions (typical) or use the tutorial. The movies can be exported invarious Quicktime formats such as: as an e-mail attachment, 4.0 or 3.0 webmovies, CD-ROM (various sizes), or back to camera.

I hope Apple owns stock in the companies that manufacture DV cameraequipment (you too), because after iMovie you gotta have one now! Gotta go. I’m going shopping for a DV camera.

P.S.The new graphite keyboard cable is 4 inches shorter than the onethat came with my Revision A iMac.

Many thanks to Peter.

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