The New iMac: More Reader Feedback

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Here’s some reader feedback from two readers who have some interesting observations to share. There’s even a case of misdemeanor theft in there for kicks.

[Tim Rosencrans] After spending the day with the new Special edition iMac at the CompUSA I’m demoing in at there are a few things that havent been talked about yet.

The reset and interupt buttons are actually buttons now. no more paper clips needed.

The VGA out jack is hidden underneath a panel on the bottom of the unit and the system ships with a replacment panel with a hole for the jack.

[ reader] Cleveland Store: 20+ iMacs; 1/2 of them are Grey DV Special Editions, 1/2 lime and strawberry. Already starting demo days over here with balloons and wine. People are stealing the Bugs Life DVD otherwise, they are quite a bit smaller in real life than the older 333 MHz. That is the first big difference, optical illusion makes the screen look a good 15% smaller than other imacs… sound quality is super, had a Cozo next to it and the Cozo couldn’t even replicate some of the very low frequency sounds from one of the bug chirpings off of the Bugs Life DVD… Amazing what you realize what you are missing until you actually hear or see it.

No big improvements over speed. Definitely don’t like the case color (too shiny); the older iMacs have a dulled looking surface where as the new iMacs look very cheap looking, just my 2 cents worth. Will give you the old Revison D iMacs for US$999 if you ask for it. Management got emails saying they have been reduced but they’re still playing the field. The DV Special Edition color isn’t as nice in person as on the web otherwise, thats about it.

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