The Quest for the Holy PowerBook

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Date: Sunday, October 28th, 2001, 17:40
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The recently released Special Edition DVD of Monty Python and the Holy Grail has a documentary called “The Quest for the Holy Grail Locations” Hosted by former Pythons Terry Jones and Michael Palin. They visit the castles and other locations where they filmed the movie.

At the location for the Cave of Caerbannog (the Scene with the Killer Rabbit and Holy Handgrenade) Terry whips out a FireWire G3 PowerBook and takes a look at the Holy Grail DVD to help them remember all that happened there.

Terry makes some comments about about how much easier it would have been if they had such small equipment back then and how funny it is that they can watch the Holy Grail on the Moors of Scotland. The DVD itself is really good and definitely worth getting if your a Python fan.

[We are huge ‘Python fans here at Go2Mac and just have to finish the Star Wars EPI DVD first -Ed]

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