The Rise of Laptop Techno

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Date: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002, 10:49
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Wired’s Music Issue (10.5) contains an excellent article on the trend toward using laptops to create and mix music. Songs in the Key of F12 along with the rest of the Music issue is now available online. You will notice in the pictures that the laptop of choice for many DJs is the PowerBook.

Photo by Alexander Kurz It’s Sunday night at Open Air, a small, sleek lounge in downtown Manhattan. A couple dozen musicians, DJs, and bedroom hackers huddle around the bar or relax on couches. Many are toting computers. The atmosphere is trendy but soothing: Exposed wood conjures a California vibe that counterbalances the space-station chill; sunsets and moonscapes float across a wall of flat-panel displays. Everyone’s paying more attention to their laptop screens than to the art on the walls – making the scene more home-brew computer club than East Village bohemia. Photo by Alexander Kurz: Kid606, live in Berlin, plays dual PowerBooks and a crossfader instead of the traditional wheels of steel.

What kind of music mixing or DJ tools do you use with your PowerBook?

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