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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Today’s TIL about the new iMacs provides all sorts of new and interestinginformation. Among other things, it apparently answers the question of which OS you’llget with your iMac. I say apparently because the information is slipped into a discussionof the DVD software:

Apple included a preview version of Apple DVD Player software on iMacs that include a built-inDVD-ROM drive. This software ships as part of the Mac OS 8.6 version included with youriMac computer and is not compatible with the DVD hardware found in the Power Macintosh G3,PowerBook G3, and Power Mac G4 (PCI graphics) series computers. Apple expects to make anupdated version available soon.

So you get a “special version” of OS 8.6 with the iMac DV and the iMac DV Special Edition.Presumably you get a not-quite-so-special version of 8.6 with the new budget iMac.At least that’s the way it looks from here and for now.

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