TiBook 667 Fan Noise Explained

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Date: Tuesday, December 4th, 2001, 16:41
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This is in response to Ingo Nowak’s posting entitled “TiBook 667 Fan Noise“, posted Tuesday, Dec. 4th.

While nobody likes the noise a fan makes, Ingo’s case is clearly an outcast (trust me, I helped design the cooling system for this machine). In actuality, the Titanium 667 (and 550) only have two fan settings: Low and High. The fan speed settings are temperature controlled.

Ingo’s symptoms sound very much like an assembly problem between the CPU and the heat sink. Most likely the one or more of the screws holding down the heat sink to the CPU are not tight enough, resulting in an overheated CPU which will cause the fan to spin up very quickly after turn on and stay on High most of the time. Ingo, have your unit looked at by a service tech. Have them specifically look at the two screws holding the heat sink down to the CPU. Make sure they check that they are not loose.

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