TiBook Engineering Faults: Cracked Latch, Loose Battery

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Date: Sunday, August 12th, 2001, 13:22
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I am writing to confirm Yee-wei Chai’s report on his cracked PowerBook.

Yesterday I found that the PowerBook in my backpack (a cool backpack from Web Burst) was very hot because it didn’t sleep properly when I closed the laptop. The TiBook lost half of the full battery because the latch was broken! The LCD display just flapped like an open book while I was walking which made the OS turn the machine on and off. I was lucky the hard drive was not damaged as a result.

The latch on my TiBook is damaged just like Yee-wei Chai reported. I will take some photos but I want everybody to know it as soon as possible, I think it is a major flaw in the design. Now I have to tie a strip on the TiBook before I take it anywhere. I have meetings in the office here and there and most of the time I carry my PowerBook with me, so this hurts.

One other thing, the battery is very loose, every time I put the PowerBook down on the table while it is still on, I have to be very careful, as the machine bends easily and that makes the contact of the battery lose, I have lost battery contact at least ten times and machine shuts down immediately. In addition to this, when it wakes up again, the clock is always back to 1904.

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