TiBook Price Drops for Education

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Date: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001, 02:16
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I find it interesting to read that Apple will not anounce new hardware for one major reason–the education store has greaty slashed prices on the TiBook for Higher Education Faculty, Staff and Students. A couple of examples:

Standard Price on REGULAR Configuration: $2599.00
Education Price on REGULAR Configuration: $2067.00

Standard Price on FASTER Configuration: $3499.00
Education Price on FASTER Configuration: $2819.00

Standard Price on FASTEST Configuration: $3997.00
Education Price on FASTEST Configuration: $3287.00

Yes, I am aware education has a standard discount, but up until last week or so the prices on TiBooks differed by only about $100-$200. Now there are differences of up to $500+.

In fact, educational institutes may purchase a REGULAR TiBook for the university at a standard price of unter $2000. This all seems interesting if nothing new on the hardware end is about to happen.

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