TiBook Sound Manager Woes

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Date: Tuesday, March 19th, 2002, 02:25
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The weirdest thing keeps happening to my TiBook 667 running Mac OS 10.1.2: some times my sound will go out completely, regardless of what the sound settings are, and I will totally forget about it for a while. Then, when I move over to my desk and plug in my external speakers, all of the sounds that I have been missing since it went out will play in sequence. It is like a weird recital of Mac alert sounds (Did you ever hear the MP3 of homer saying “Doh!” in all of his various tones, it’s sort of eerie.) Is this a bug that was fixed in 10.1.3? (With all of the problems, I won’t upgrade until 10.1.4 comes out) Anyone know where I can get a new sound set for Adium?

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