TiBooks and Target [Updated]

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Date: Thursday, December 13th, 2001, 08:33
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If you have seen the new Target department store television commercial you may asking yourself, “Was that a TiBook Santa is writing on?” In the commercial you see Santa typing on what seems to be a TiBook with the white glowing Apple logo omitted. You then see a couple of quick shots of the keyboard and trackpad, which definately belong to a G4 Titanium Powerbook (The one-button mousepad is a dead giveaway). So the question remains, if the TiBook is good enough for Targets’ commercials why isn’t it good enough to sell in there stores (or any Apple products for that matter). Why not use an HP notebook since they do sell HP desktops. Very odd, indeed.

An Archive reader writes:

The reason they use the TiBook and other Macs for prop shots and the commercials is because the Advertising Technologies department supports all the Macs in the Advertising area and the props department. When I worked there we used to send out prop machines just so that it would be a Mac, and not a PC. They have a very big Mac department at Target Corp. and they just want to evangelize the brand. As for carrying the machines, they should try to build a relationship now that Ron Johnson, former Target vice president of merchandising, joined Apple as senior vice president of retailing in January 2000.

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