Time for a Game of . . .Guess the Device

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Date: Monday, June 24th, 2002, 14:18
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Curious Reader writes, “Has anyone else received their Macworld badge yet? There was an envelope stuffer included with it for “MacDirectory” magazine. There’s a curious image of a grey device with a stylus on it. I’ve never seen this product before. Does anyone else who has received this know what it is?”

Well, Curious Reader, you’ve simply stumbled upon a massive printing error by which Apple inadvertently released the likeness of its long-awaited iPalm, which Apple is introducing at Macworld. Steve Job’s wrath will soon be visited upon the offices of MacDirectory; not even the models who arrive for the photo shoot that day will be spared. Just kidding. Okay, folks, see if you can help Curious Reader. Extra points to those who are able to guess the device WITHOUT even seeing it because they haven’t gotten the Macworld mailer yet.

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