Titanium: Installing RAM

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Installing RAM in the new PowerBook G4 couldn’t be any easier, in fact, it is even easier than previous PowerBooks because there isn’t any shileding covering the RAM.To install RAM in your PBG4:

  1. Shut down the machine
  2. Remove the AC power cable and battery
  3. Release the keyboard using the small tabs between the ESC/F1 and F8/F9 keys
  4. Flip the keyboard up and toward you
  5. Install the RAM in the slot in the center of the keyboard area

click for a larger image

The PowerBook G4 Titanium requires 1.5-inch SO-DIMMs so although most Pismo memory will work, if you have high density chips (usually 128 or 256 MB) check to make sure that they are small enough to fit in the new machine.

Previous PowerBooks would accept up to 2.0-inch DIMMs, so your RAM may not transfer. I had 512 MB of RAM in my Pismo but I could not move it to my new Merc because it consisted of two 256 MB 2.0-inch SO-DIMMs.

If you look at the larger version of the picture above you can see the difference between a 2.0-inch (left) and a 1.5-inch (right) SO-DIMM.

According to Apple’s TIL article “PowerBook G4: How to Install Additional Memory (RAM)” the TiBook requires memory that meets the following specifications:

  • Small Outline-Dual Inline Memory Module (SO-DIMM) format
  • 38.1 mm or 1.5 inch height or shorter
  • 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, or 512 MB
  • 144-pin
  • PC-100 Type RAM

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