Titanium: Keyboard Marks the Screen

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Boy am I pissed.

Apple has created a beautiful product in the PowerBook G4 Titanium, but after less than one month of use I have keyboard marks on my screen!

Yup, the problem that plagued the PowerBook G3 (Pismo and Lombard) has not been fixed in the PowerBook G4. Annoying. After spending US$2600 on a new piece of hardware I am more than upset that the thing is leaving ugly marks on the beautiful display.

They are most noticable when the LCD backlighting is turned off and they turn my stomach each time I sleep of wake my new PowerBook. According to Apple the marks are simply residue from the keyboard remedied by better hygene but I say “bullocks!”

The marks are somewhat removable if you buff at them incessantly, but even that does not take them away completely and they come right back in a day or two. The Bookmark 4 from id east end in Japan was a great solution for stopping the problem, but it is slightly too thick to use with the TiBook.

Is is just me? Do you care if the screen in your brand new PowerBook is marred by annoying keyboard marks? Use the feedback link below to sound off.

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