Titanium: Loose Battery Issue; Potential Fix

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Some new PowerBook G4 Titanium owners have experienced random power outages while running on battery power. The symptoms are very simple: picking up the PowerBook G4 while running on battery power can cause the machine to shut down (with the potential for data loss), sometimes causing the date to reset to 1904.

The issue appears to be a result of the Lithium Ion battery pulling away from the battery contacts as a result of a slight flex of the subframe.

Richard Chang explains how to check if you have the problem:

  • Turn on the PBG4 with AC adapter unplugged.
  • Spin down your HD using the Energy Saver control strip.
  • Pick up the Powerbook with your right hand by the right hinge (near power switch) and left hand at the diagonal corner (black arrows).
  • Twist the Powerbook gently so the corners under your hands move up and the other corners move down (red arrows). Don’t actually bend the machine! Just apply a wee little bit of force.
  • If the machine shuts off, you might have the same problem I did. You might notice that your clock reset to 1904 after you reboot. This might depend on your Date & Time settings (if you use a network time server).


Richard has posted a fix for the loose battery issue on his Web page: “The idea is to add a bit of heat-shrink insulation to one of the posts holding the battery in.”

Have you experienced the loose battery issue with your PowerBook G4? Post the details of your problem using the feedback link below.

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