Titanium: More on Japanese Pricing

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Following our story yesterday “Titanium: Japanese Availability,” reader Beee submits the following price info from Japan.

From this store:

Base model PBG4 is JP?278,000 (US$2370). If you put another 128MB Ram in it, it will be JP?293,000 (US$2498). They charge JP?1,000 (US$8.53) shipping within Japan.

The PBG4 is JP?369,000 (US$3146) base price, if you want to double your Ram it’s JP?399,000 (US$3401) and that’s a total of 512 MB of RAM. (That is the price of the base model with only 256MB Ram at the Japanese Apple site)

What have you found in Japan? Post your feedback below.

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