Titanium: Tracker Update

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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While our publisher has escaped to Tokyo just in time to avoid the four inches of snow that fell today, the Tracker has been updated with a lot of good news for those in the queue. The high-end Titanium configuration (500MHz, 128MB, 30GB) at the Apple Store has begun shipping in noticeable quantities from Taiwan. A small quantity has also escaped into the retail channel and into the catalog reseller channel (Outpost.com for one).

Most resellers aren’t expecting large backorder-filling shipments until next week, though. But on the other hand, instead of more broken promises and delays, MacZone has pretty much stopped giving shipping dates except for a vague “early March.” Again, if you just can’t wait for some Titanium lovin’, check your local retail stores. Mark Tippie writes:

Suggest readers try CompUSA locations that are off the beaten track. Stopped in at the Knoxville, TN location today and they had both the G4 400 and the G4 500 in stock, and have been getting enough (usually 3 at a time) to keep them supplied. I was in and out of the store with my new acquisition in less than 15 minutes.

Keep sending in those corrections and tips; you guys are the ones who really make the Tracker… track… stuff. So have a nice weekend. Moan and complain below if you’re still waiting for a TiBook. Gloat and parade below if you already got yours.

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