To conquer the iPhone, you must first beat its camera

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Date: Friday, January 23rd, 2015, 15:29
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This is worth reading.

An interesting piece over on The Verge discusses one of the iPhone’s chief strengths: being able to take a good picture with almost no fiddling with the controls and being able to take a clear, sharp picture on the very first attempt. This contrasts with the author’s description of his “routine of setting proper focus and steadying myself” and his realization of gadget envy in this regard.

The author then goes on to state that “I saw more iPhones in the hands of CES attendees than I did Android phones across the countless exhibitor booths. From the biggest keynote event to the smallest stall on the show floor, everything was being documented with Apple’s latest smartphone, and it all looked so irritatingly easy. I don’t want an iPhone, but dammit, I want the effortlessness of the iPhone’s camera.”

From here, the piece discusses how critical your smartphone’s camera is to day to day life, the apps you use and how Apple has managed to pin the market on camera simplicity and quality via simple and fast operation, strong optics and image processing, and a wide app ecosystem and how a certain effortlessness has helped pin the market.

Give the piece a gander, as there’s some interesting points here.

If you can make something simple yet efficient, the customers will come to you.

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