To Protect, To Serve, To Adjust: New RadTech `Book Accessories

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Date: Monday, October 21st, 2002, 06:37
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RadTech, a company that got its inspiration from a comments thread on the PowerPage, has vastly expanded its offerings for PowerBook, iBook, and now iMac owners to maintain and protect Apple’s hardware. Photos of the new product line are available from the RadTech website. In addition to WildEepz! replacement display cushions for PowerBook and now iBook, there’s ScreenSaveRz, a cloth with optional custom engraving for protecting your laptop screen from keyboard marks that doubles as a screen cleaner, ScreenSaveRz for the new iMac to protect its LCD, Ti-Glide for adjusting the PowerBook’s notorious hinge to a proper tension, and now PowerSleevz for protecting the PowerBook G4’s delicate paint job from scratches. The new items will be shipping shortly: we’ll bring you word once they hit the mail!

I’ve now been playing with the new ScreenSaveRz keyboard cover, and I’m crazy about it! The PowerPage has extensively covered the infamous “keyboard marks” issue: frequent users of slim Apple laptops will find that oils that naturally occur on your fingers and wind up on your keyboard will mark up the LCD screen even with routine cleaning, eventually permanently damaging the screen, unless something is used to protect the LCD. I’ve tried a couple of solutions, but RadTech’s ScreenSaveRz is the first to actually earn as much attention as my PowerBook. By some “marvel of textile engineering” this microfiber cloth is ultra-soft, ultra-light, and unlike competing products, can be folded up neatly without creasing. The only potential disadvantage (if it is one) is that everyone you meet will want to touch it! The product is available in a lovely TiBook-complimenting gray with gray engraved type, or optional Aqua or “Shagwire” faux animal print if you prefer. It doubles as the most effective LCD cleaning cloth I’ve ever seen, so any marks you do get on your LCD can be quickly wiped off.

Yes, Jason and I are suckers for this kind of stuff, but as I’ve said, innocent bystanders have been excited by nothing more than a keyboard cover, so be forewarned! Available for US$10-17 depending on color/print and logo, bundled with other RadTech products for US$18-25. (Or get everything they sell for US$40.)

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