Today Show iBook Sighting

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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iBooks will be everywhere! How do we know that? ‘Cause they’re already being spotted:

A little iBook press coverage story for you guys at the PowerPage… While watching the Today Show on Saturday morning, they had a feature on back to school notebooks. In the studio they had about six Wintel notebooks, and Soledad O’Brien was querying the ‘technical reporter’ for the Today show about them. Thinking this was just another ‘let’s praise Windows’ kind of stunt, I was very surprised when suddenly, after all the Wintel notebooks were shown- an iBook appeared. Not only was it displayed, the technology reporter was very impressed and praised the iBook and its features- notably the design and the AirPort wireless technology. Soledad O’Brien, was also very impressed with it and said she ‘wanted one.’ It looks like the iBook will be a hit with the press and consumers, just like it’s older desktop brother the iMac.

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