Tokyo Files: Sony DSC-P9 Still Camera

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Date: Tuesday, March 19th, 2002, 01:40
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DP Review, the definitive digital camera reviews site, has the juice on the latest little 4 MP digi (still) cam that your editor is coveting. The DSC-P9 is the next in a series of popular, small Sony digicams.

Pre-CeBIT 2002: Sony Japan has today announced the four megapixel successor to the ultra-compact DSC-P5, the new DSC-P9. In a joint press release covering the recently announced DSC-P31 and DSC-P71 Sony Japan has also let the DSC-P9 out of the bag. The new DSC-P9 has a 3x optical zoom lens, 4 megapixel sensor, expanded white balance settings, multi-point AF (although in automatic mode) and the new 320 x 240 unlimited recording time MPEG Movie HQX. We’ve had a DSC-P9 ‘in house’ for a week or so now in preparation for a review, unfortunately at this time Sony are still tweaking image quality so we can’t post samples.

What is your spin on the Sony minis? What tiny digicam do you own (or covet?) Feel free to post price/availability info or links to reviews.

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