Toshiba Announces 10 and 20 GB 1.8-inch Drives

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Date: Wednesday, January 16th, 2002, 15:59
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Paving the way for an update to the iPod, Toshiba today announced two new high capacity 1.8-inch drive mechanisms. The new 10 and 20 GB drives could eventually find their way into a revision to Apple’s iPod, but neither camp is talking at this stage of the game.

The tiny storage giants measure 54 mm wide and 78.5 mm deep, and weigh 51 and 62 grams respectively. Toshiba?s new 10GB (MK1003GAL) and 20GB (MK2003GAH) HDDs are smaller than a credit card and lighter than a traditional pager. The low-profile, lightweight drives offer data transfer rates of 100MB/sec, providing high-speed performance for both consumer electronics devices and notebook PCs.

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