Transmeta Corporation Shrouded in Mystery

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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One of the most thrilling things going on in Silicon Valley these days is one of the most secretive companies in the Valley. As a matter of fact, very few people know anything at all about Transmeta Corporation. Linus Torvalds, kernel writer of GNU/Linux, is one of the employees and the company can brag of funding from Microsoft?s co-founder Paul Allen, the third riches man in the world. Despite the big names behind Transmeta, the company is very short on details of what they are developing, Recently, some word has been leaking out but not enough to let us know what?s going on with the company whose name means, “above and beyond”. Most rumors circulating on the net tend to point towards the creation of a revolutionary new chip:

Patent applications filed by the company describe a process called “code morphing” that “provides a microprocessor which is faster than microprocessors of the prior art, is capable of running all of the software for all of the operations systems which may be run by a large number of families of prior art microprocessors, yet is less expensive than prior art microprocessors.”

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