Travel Nightmare: Lost Laptops at Airport Security

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Date: Thursday, February 21st, 2002, 10:03
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USA Today reports that increased airport security is having an unpleasant side effect: more lost laptops. Seattle-Tacoma reported 115 laptops in the last three months of 2001, says the article, up from 3 in the same period in 2000. While we assume no PowerPage reader would forget their laptop, keep in mind that other people could accidentally pick up yours. The travel manager for HP is quoted in the article as suggesting you tape colored paper to your laptop to help identify it. (As true power users, we suggest you go a small step further and redesign your laptop’s case as our friends in Japan are doing so often!) The good news is, the Transportation Security Administration is ordering its new government screeners to allow passengers to stay in sight of their valuables while they’re screened, if possible.

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