TruEdit 2.0 Collaborative Publishing System

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Date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2002, 00:00
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It has been well documented that Macintoshes shipping in 2003 will not be able to boot into OS 9 in the default configuration (although I have heard that reformatting the HDD may get around this). The obvious concern is for segments of the Mac population that are reliant on applications that are not yet available in an OS X version. The main problem application is QuarkXPress (previously Photoshop) which has stated that it plans to ship its Mac OS X-native version in “Q1 2003.” You and I both know that in the software industry Q1 2003 translates to March 31, 2003.

So what is a design studio or magazine to do in January when it needs to integrate new Macs? Many people in the publishing and pre-press space have been asking themselves the same question. Although the publishing industry is notoriously slow at updating their software and even slower at upgrading their hardware, many are considering the switch to Adobe’s OS X-native InDesign 2.0.1 layout product.

Managing Editor Inc. today announced a major update to their TruEdit collaborative publishing system. TruEdit 2.0 integrates a folder-based workflow management solution with Adobe’s InDesign and InCopy. Good news for publishers.

TruEdit is a cross-platform solution that dramatically shortens production cycle times and offers publishers, design firms, and corporate creative groups an affordable entry into workflow management. By organizing all content in a convenient palette within InDesign and InCopy, TruEdit simplifies the process of transferring files from one workflow step to another — or from one staff member to another. Designers can work on layouts while editors work on the text in the layouts, all in an ordered yet flexible environment. Designers working in InDesign export one or several text frames — empty or pre-filled with text — to InCopy documents for editors to write, revise, and copyfit to the layout, while TruEdit automatically manages text and design updates back and forth. TruEdit works with any existing shared hard drive or file server — there’s no high-end database needed.

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