Trumpet Offers New 32-bit OS

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Trumpet Software International of Australia, makers of the old internet stand-by, Trumpet Winsock, has announced plans for sales of a new 32-bit OS that has the ability to run Windows software, named PetroOS. The company claims a 100K kernal and other desirable features:

  • A full working TCP system can be achieved in approximately 200 K
  • It runs on 486 and above level of processor.
  • It has a minimum memory requirement of 2 MB.
  • Standard peripherals are built in.
  • It is fully multitasking.
  • It has loadable driver modules
  • It has virtual paged memory
  • It will allow continued use of superceded machine configurations.
  • It contains industry standard disk structures and executable formats.

Unfortunately, the company provides vague details on whether or not the OS includes a GUI.

PetrOST has been developed with a two-stage development stream. A working system for most users consists of an operating system and a GUI. These two features can be independently developed and installed with PetrOSTM, thus catering for a broader spectrum of market appeal.

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