Trying to Sneak into Austin Powers and Sears

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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While staffers were playing hooky and breaking movie theatre regulations yesterday,’s Dr Will coincidentally slipped into the local Sears outlet while agents of the law gave chase to the other staffers. In either legally-binding case, here’s his report:

For reasons for I will use the fifth admendment on, I paid a visit to the local Sears today. Couldn’t find a decent leather wallet but they had nice powertools. Anyway, they had one blueberry iMac stationed at an end-cap to a whole row of Wintel boxes. Sitting next to the iMac was an Epson Stylus i740 printer and an Agfa SnapScan 1212u scanner. I definitely saw a few boxes of the Agfa scanner lying around. The iMac was also running the standard iMac demo program with two little kids being subjected to it. Two sales representatives were standing nearby and chatting. It wasn’t that bad as several readers described it. I wanted to see a washer/dryer/iMac bundle though.

There you have it from our very own Dr Will with a PhD in something. Apple should keep a close eye on Sears because they might not be able to afford another Best Buy.

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