Turn an iBook 12" Into a PowerBook 12" (Updated)

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Date: Thursday, November 10th, 2005, 09:30
Category: iBook

ibook-g4.jpgA story at HardMac details how to turn an iBook 12-inch into a PowerBook 12-inch.

The iBook 12″ is an excellent compromise between mobility, robustness, performance and price. It can also be transformed to become a strong competitor for its brother, the PowerBook 12″. However, it is impossible to equip the iBook 12″ as a PowerBook 12″ via the BTO from the Apple Store. So, it can be tempting to buy a basic iBook 12″ model and upgrade it yourself into a highly performing mobile computer. This article is intended to provide you help to perform such transformation. This transformation is not a “piece of cake”, and requires skills, knowledge and tools.

After the above modifications the only real difference between the iBook and the PowerBook is monitor spanning

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