Unusual PowerBook DVI 800 Problem

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Date: Monday, June 17th, 2002, 00:00
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i am writing to the powerpage because i am experiencing problems with my powerbook G4 800 – and these are of strange nature. i have had it sent in to apple twice and they never were able to fix it. thus, since i do not know anybody else with the same machine/model i am writing to you.

the problem: boot into os9, open up IE and start dragging images to your desktop. sometimes it takes 1-5, sometimes you’ll have to drag over 30-50 images. when doing so it either freezes the machine or – and this is the strange part – first starts with leaving pixel artifacts on the screen (pixels in different colors, messed up icons, shifted outlines and random vertical lines) and than freezes.

i tried this is in many different setups (as for extensions) and i also did a complete reinstall (i re-initialized the hardrive with writing all zeros, reset the PMU, the PRAM and also at the console resetNVRAM and resetALL) – the reinstall means a clean install of only OS 9.2.2 with anything else. it’s still there, even after the second logic board.

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