Update: Formac's iProTV and iProRAID Shipping in Japan

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Update: Several NoBeige.com readers wrote in to inform us that the iProTV not only adds TV tuner but also SCSI. Formac would probably be able to sell loads of these in the United States, of which there are no current plans for distribution in. If you can read Japanese, you can check out this page for reviews and installation pictures.

Formac’s iProTV and iProRAID have hit the streets of Japan not too long ago but now a Japanese company called Focal-Point seems to be handling distribution. NoBeige.com reader, Phil Robinson, informed us that various Japanese iMac web sites have been buzzing about the iProTV and iProRAID. The iMac Station (in Japanese) has two walkthrough installation guides for both products, which are always interesting.

The much-fabled Formac iProRAID is a Mezzanine upgrade that adds SCSI to any iMac with an available Mezzanine slot (Revision A and B). The equally fabled iProTV, if we remember the story correctly, adds TV tuner capabilities to any iMac with a Mezzanine slot. Distribution in the United States has been sketchy so any new or corrected information will be welcome here.

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