Update: Micro Conversions Closes Doors

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Update: MacWeek posted an article (“Hackers hit Micro Conversions“) with updated details from the mouth of former Micro Conversions’ marketing director, Bob Archer. Check it out.

The Mac Gamer’s Ledge is reporting that Micro Conversions, sole provider of kick ass 3D accelerator upgrades for the iMac, has gone out of business. Here’s the word from Micro Conversions’ press announcement (“Micro Conversions, Inc. is closed“):

Micro Conversions, Inc. has ceased operations. All Game Wizard products, technology rights and support have been picked-up by iWonder, Inc. As soon as possible, details will be available at www.iwonderinc.com – 817-496-6337 – 817-496-6339 (fax) – toll free sales: 877-237-8622 (877-BestMac).

iWonder is currently developing additional really-cool Mac products. The iWizard line will be their flagship product until those new products yield.

Other Micro Conversions’ products are still in negotiation for ongoing support. More details will become available over the next week or so. In any case, NuBus and PDS cards won’t be made in the future and those were the _last_ of their kind. There may be an interruption in Game Wizard availability, so those in the channel should be bought ASAP.

Needless to say, the Micro Conversions’ $40 Manufacturer’s Mail-in Rebate is gone.

Fueling the speculation behind their sudden shutdown, the Mac Gamer’s Ledge printed this quote from Micro Conversions:

“People using bogus and hacked Game Wizard drivers has had its [feared] effect… Micro Conversions has gone out of business. (This after providing award-winning Mac graphics and video solutions for 14 years!… It’s a shame, I think we were the only remaining ‘Mac only’ hardware developer. Guess that should finally answer the issues as to our [allegedly] having had too much margin and whether or not we should have tried to protect our drivers!)”

Wow. We don’t think that anybody saw this one coming. Luckily for Macintosh gamers, iWonder will pick up where Micro Conversions left off. NoBeige.com wish Micro Conversions’ employees the best of luck and again our apologies for that whole iWizard Upgrade Program thing… 🙂

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