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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Update: NoBeige.com staffers are still collecting reports from readers about this topic. So far, reports are mixed at best. Be sure to send your experience at Sears to feedback@nobeige.com. We will likely post a page of reader feedback within the next several days.

Following our report (“iMacs Begins to Debut at Sears“) about iMacs at Sears last week, Several NoBeige.com readers wrote in with their experiences at Sears:

[reader 1] I saw a IMac display at Sears Cupertino,Ca store today and it was very bad. No price or description was displayed. There was no demo running on the IMac. It had good position but no hype! The salesman didn’t know jack. Also there was no software in the store. I got my first Mac at Monkey Wards years ago and the salesman sold me on the thing! Lets do it right!

[reader 2] I had only a couple minutes at Sears today, and I didn’t think to check the price (d-oh!), but I noticed that the machine on display had *64* MB of memory. This may explain the widely reported price differential.

[reader 3] Spotted an iMac at Sears in Concord, CA, on May 30. It was advertised as a blueberry iMac but appeared to be an original bondi blue iMac. Price: $1299. Kinda strange.

[reader 4] Just wanted to add an observation from another sears store. I went to the Sears at the Deptford Mall in Deptford, NJ and the only iMac was turned off. I started it up and then put all the applications in the launcher. Then I protected the system folder and the application folder so that they wouldn’t be accidently disturbed. Finally, I started up Nanosaurus and left the machine running. I hope that it can hold its own in such an unfriendly environment. I also noticed that there was no Mac software in site and no Mac hardware other than a single iMac. Price was $1199.

Early reports are mixed so far regarding the price issue and the customer service. What’s going on with the iMacs at your local Sears? Shoot us an email at feedback@nobeige.com.

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