Update: New iMac Denial-of-Service Attack?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Update: Several NoBeige.com readers confirmed the forementioned bug. Even copying and pasting the modem strings below would reset iMac’s internal modem and the latter string dials 911. Apple has not confirmed or addressed the bug yet.

Our friends at Macintouch are reporting (“Modem Security Flaw“) a new type of “denial-of-service” attack that is effective against Macintoshes with Global Village modems, including the iMac. Here’s the basic premise of it, according to Macintouch’s comprehensive report:

Apparently there seems to be a problem with Global Village modems where you can cause it to execute modem commands remotely. If you send a computer an AT command in a packet that another remote machine responds to (i.e. ctcp, ping, icmp) the modem on that machine doe sthat command.

For example, while on irc if I sent the commad /ctcp SomeOne ping +++ATH0, SomeOne’s machine would respond to the ping and as a result his/her modem would hang up right after that. It just doesn’t stop there. Imagine sending out /ctcp SomeOne ping ++++ATH0ATADT911.

A modem firmware update should be enough to fix the exploit. Stay tuned as more information and official confirmation becomes available.

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