Update on OS X and UMAX Scanners

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Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2002, 04:41
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It took over six weeks for UMAX to respond to my query about support for my two year-old Astra scanner, but I finally heard from them today (in the negative):

Question’s about OS X Support: Will my Umax scanner work with OS X? What Umax scanners will work with OS X?

Umax Technologies, Inc. will support its current professional-grade scanners under Apple’s new OS 10.X operating environment. The models included are:

  • PowerLook III
  • PowerLook 2100XL
  • PowerLook 1100
  • PowerLook 3000

Umax currently has made no commitment to supporting older professional models under OS X at this time. Also, no consumer-level (Astra models, or older consumer-level) scanners will be targeted for support under OS X.

Drivers for the current line-up of professional scanners are currently in Beta-Development and are not currently available to the public. Please continue to check our Web site for updates to this information as it becomes available.

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