Update: The Origin of "No Beige?"

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Many thanks to Rainer Brockerhoff again for rising above the call of duty to provide us with a scan of the first possible use of the slogan, “No Beige.”

I was rooting around in my “Wired” magazine collection when I came across issue 4.09 (sept.96), where on page 38-39 can be seen an Acer ad with the immortal words : “… available in charcoal and emerald. Sorry, no beige.”


But in an interesting twist, Rich Rubel points out that SGI may have been using the “No Beige” concept BEFORE Acer:

SGI has been using the slogan “Life’s too short to use a beige computer” for the last several years. I believe their usage predates the Acer ad.

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