Updated: Best Buy Dropping iMac Prices Below $1,000?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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It has been confirmed by several NoBeige readers that Best Buy did indeed drop their selling price for the iMac to US$999 at some Best Buy locations and at their web site. But, later in the morning, the price was raised to US$1099 by corporate headquarters. What happened, you ask?

After reading the stories on the iMac Best Buy price drop, I printed out the Best Buy online page and drove immediately down to the local store. The pleasant clerk there told me that she had received this morning a notice from corporate headquarters that the price was actually $1099, and showed me a printout of a message to that effect. The message said that they had come to the conclusion that the $999 price was “too aggressive” and that they were concerned about laws in some states regarding selling products below cost.

I thanked her and went back to try to order one from the online store, where the $999 price was still posted, but couldn’t find anywhere on that online page a button to push to actually order one. Before I figured it out, a reloaded version of that same page showed the “new” price of $1099.

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