Updated: Best Buy Lowers iMac Pricetag To $1,099

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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NoBeige readers report that most Best Buy locations and the Best Buy Online Store are selling iMacs for US$1099, although some locations may offer to blow them out at US$999 apiece. One NoBeige reader reported his experience with the sudden pricing flip-flop, who we’ll keep Archive since Best Buy employees may be looking for him…

Well, after reading nobeige.com this morning I ran up to Best Buy to see for myself. There was no price on the front of the iMac so I asked one of the clerks, he told me the price was $1099. So I drive over to CompUSA to ask them to meet or beat the price. They said they would call Best Buy to confirm this price that was obviously below cost. When they called they were told that the price was $1199. I was confused. So I drove back to Best Buy and asked again. This time I was told the price was $1199! So I told them that earlier in the same day they quoted me a different price. After talking to his manager he said he would knock off $50 bucks off the price of $1199, but the salesman was so busy while he was writing the sale up, he wrote $1049 on the invoice. Now this is where it gets good. After being told all that time that the price was $1199 when it rang up at the front register, it rang up as $1099! Then they did the price override and I got my iMac for $1049! What a deal!

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