Updated: Beta iPort Drivers And iPort Warranty Information

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The good folks at Griffin Technology recently released a new beta driver for their iPort adapter. iPort Control 1.0 is a simple control panel for enabling and controlling the iPort video and serial adapter.

The iPort control software registers the serial port of the iPort. It also allows the selection between the iPort and infrared port. You cannot use both at one time. Finally it shows whether an external monitor is connected.

Readers should know that this is beta software and can be dangerous to your iMac’s health. Jason from Griffin Technology clarified this issue for us:

We have gotten a clean bill of health from Apple after they have internally tested the iPort and concluded that the iPort does NOT void your warranty. The only issue is if you damage something DURING installation, it is not covered by the warranty. This, as you know, is the same as any peripheral, including RAM and VRAM, and has been their policy for quite some time.

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