UPDATED: Titanium G4 Now Shipping?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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UPDATE: Many thanks to Paul Russo for sending us his FedEx tracking number (no, we’re not going to post it). His Titanium Powerbook 400 G4 400MHz/128MB/10GB (ordered four days after the Expo) has just been scanned in and just left Taoyuan City, Taiwan towards the United States. So check with the Apple Store to see if your ordered has shipped. Stay tuned.

Just woke up and a few reader emails fell in our lap with news that the Apple Store has begun shipping these titanium bad asses:

Just checked my order status on Apple’s website to discover that my PowerBook G4 (500/256/20) has shipped. Interestingly, it shipped via FedEx, though I only asked for ground shipping. I ordered directly from Apple as a developer.

I have some good news, and it will hopefully only get better. I spoke with [somebody] at the Apple Store today, and she said she personally has seen orders for PowerBook G4s ship out as of this morning Monday, the 29th. I have a BTO 500/20g/128 that she says is scheduled to be shipped out late tuesday or early Wednesday for sure.

The Tracker has been updated early this morning to reflect this news. So run on over, and post something already. More news as it breaks.

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