Video shows new, reversible USB cable for iPhone 6

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Date: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014, 16:54
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Last week presented us with a look at a new cable rumored to be coming from Apple with the iPhone 6. This new USB to Lightning cable has a reversible USB connector, meaning you can insert it into an ordinary USB port in both orientations just like the Lightning end. Now MacRumors points us toward a video, posted by the same person as earlier photos, showing the cable being plugged in both ways.

Ok, not super exciting to watch, but still interesting. The video appears to show the actual Apple retail box for the cable as well. Besides this, there are other rumored capabilities including the use USB 3.1 which may be related to support for high-definition audio playback. 

MacRumors poses the question of whether Apple will run into legal action from companies such as the California-based company UltraTek, which already holds a patent for a reversible USB connector which it already sells through several major online retailers.



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