Video surfaces of iPhone 6 Plus being bent with bare hands

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Date: Wednesday, September 24th, 2014, 11:05
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You might want to be careful with your new iPhone 6 Plus.

Per French web site MacBidouille and the Mac Observer, YouTube channel UnboxTherapy did a bend test on an iPhone 6 Plus handset to see where it stood in terms of physical vulnerability.

During the test, the user was able to bend the handset with his bare hands. While it took a considerable amount of effort and the pressure was applied near the buttons (where the case is weakest), the bending matches the “pocket bends” that have been reported since the iPhone 6 was released last week.

Even with the bending, the iPhone 6 still continued to work, although Apple could have a larger problem on its hands. In conclusion, be careful with your iPhone 6, maybe consider buying a case for it and let us know if you’ve seen the bending issue on your end.

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3 Responses to “Video surfaces of iPhone 6 Plus being bent with bare hands”

  1. Look at the hands in that picture. That is obviously a lot of force on the fingers/thumbs. I say, “duh.” Anyone who is generating a similar amount of force from their pants, really needs to rethink their wardrobe or where they put their phone.

  2. Exactly. Give me an HTC One, etc, and I could do the same thing. What should actually be the news in this is that the front glass didn’t break…

  3. I’d be willing to venture a guess that ANY of the phones in that size category can be bent. Don’t sit on your phone….. I could also bend my MBP or iMac if it really tried. Why does this come as a surprise?