Visor Phone Discount

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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If you purchased a Visor handheld from between 10/9/00 and 12/12/00, during their “Buy a Visor and receive $20 off VisorPhone” promotion, you will receive a coupon via email for $20 off a VisorPhone.

VisorPhone is now available for purchase in select areas. This email contains instructions on how to redeem your $20 off VisorPhone coupon, as well as information on when VisorPhone service will be available in your area.

Currently VisorPhone is available with service from Pacific Bell and BellSouth Mobility. We will be adding coverage from additional service providers early next year. This coupon will remain valid until January 31, 2001. As additional coverage is available, we will email new coupons good for 30 days so customers in those areas can take advantage of the offer.

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